Kiemelt VPS

XEN 10

256 MB RAM, 10 GB HDD, 1.990 Ft/month

Kiemelt VPS

XEN 15

384 MB RAM, 15 GB HDD, 2.990 Ft/month

Kiemelt VPS

XEN 20

512 MB RAM, 20 GB HDD, 3.990 Ft/month

Kiemelt VPS

XEN 30

768 MB RAM, 30 GB HDD, 5.990 Ft/month

061-788-62-77 (8-16)

0620-416-79-96 (afternoon and evening)

SupportChatOLE Introduction

Welcome on website, on the Hungarian provider of quality virtualization solution.

This website, the, was mainly created in order to demonstrate our hosting services. Our company is equipped by enhanced serverpark which is optimized and dedicated only for serving of virtual servers. We are intending to provide such servers with this brand which serve costumers are wanted to utilize only XEN virtual server services. Therefore can be imagine that we can provide such a good level of service beside such good price. Our support can be reach 24 hours a day.

Why to choose

Of course we recommend that your decision must be provide after a gain long and enough deep information but let us to introduce briefly our results.
There are more than 400 virtual servers are running and more than 60 physical servers are operating under our supervision.
In several cases, competing VPS providers turned to our larger experienced team in order to help them in troubleshoot experienced in customer service. Because of these we have started to oversee the constant supervision of competing operators’ servers. Moreover one of our competing providers, seeing the professional differences, has been decided to sale it’s business. Therefore we had a chance to expand our customers with this acquisition.
In addition we have several small but significantly sales performing VPS reseller partners. One of them changed a VPS server service which was provided from own servers for reselling of our service, since the apparent setback gave them a huge improvement in quality.

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